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Hydraulic Winch Manufacturing

Many companies manufacture hydraulic winches in our country. Thanks to hydraulic winches, tons of loads can be easily moved every day with a single finger movement. The industry’s demand for hydraulic winches has paved the way for existing manufacturers to increase their production capacity and new manufacturers to enter the sector. In this article, we have written the cases of Hydraulic Hoist Drum Manufacturing, Hydraulic Winch Manufacturers, Hydraulic Winch Companies.

Hydraulic Towing Winch Manufacturing

With the development of technology, the need for hydraulic systems has increased, especially in the transportation, logistics, construction and production sectors. The development in the automobile sector has led to the increase of towing rescue vehicles. The development in the construction sector has led to the need to deliver construction materials to higher floors. The development in the production sector has led to an increase in the international trade volume. The natural result increase is the rise in the amount of cargo transported increase demand for hydraulic winches and winches.

Thanks to hydraulic winches, tons of loads can be easily moved every day with a single finger movement. The industry’s demand for hydraulic winches has paved the way for existing manufacturers to increase their production capacity and new manufacturers to enter the sector.


  • Hydraulic Hoist Drum Manufacturing
  • Hydraulic Winch Manufacturers
  • Hydraulic Winch Companies

The winches are divided into two sections, electric and hydraulic, as working principles. The names came from where they got their power from.

Hydraulic Hoist Drum Manufacturing

Hydraulic winches, also known as hydraulic hoist drums, started to be produced by an American manufacturer about a hundred years ago. Although the capacity of the first hydraulic winches was low, it was met as an up-and-coming technology in those days’ conditions. The simple machines of a hundred years ago have turned into perfect hydraulic systems that can lift tons of loads without difficulty nowadays.

Today, the fact that there are hydraulic winch manufacturers in our country able to produce at world standards has reduced the demand for imported hydraulic winches. The high prices, maintenance and spare parts costs of imported hydraulic winces also paved the way for the emergence of domestic companies in the production of hydraulic winches.

Many consumers, who faced a shortage of spare parts by choosing imported products, have later preferred brands such as Hammer Winch, which have been in the sector since 1982 and have been exporting to the world its production at European standards produced in a modern factory.

Hydraulic Winch Manufacturers

Until the 1980s, hydraulic winches in our country were only available via imports. In addition to the costliness of the products, the high transportation costs made it difficult for the interested people to reach hydraulic winches. This situation harmed the entire production sector. Our easy access to hydraulic winches today became possible thanks to the local entrepreneurs, who had a good understanding of the future in the 1980s, investing in the sector.

The foundations of Hammer Industry, which exports to seven continents today, were laid in a small workshop in the capital Ankara in 1982. While the hydraulic winch industry in our country was a sector depending on imports in the 1980s, it has become today an export item that produces at world standards under the brand of Hammer Winch. Hammer Winch, which is among the few manufacturers globally, increases its production capacity day by day, produces more powerful and efficient hydraulic winches and presents them to the world showcase.

Hydraulic Winch Companies

Today, the increasing demand for hydraulic systems has led to the emergence of opportunists. Unsafe products are offered to consumers under various brands by those trying to manufacture hydraulic winches in unauthorized workshops. Products that are far below the standards and non-pressure resistant raw materials are presented to users with a price advantage. Users who prefer these products by being deceived by their low prices are unwittingly risking their lives and property.

Price is an essential factor in choosing a product, but especially in hydraulic winch systems operating with high-pressure principles, safety and performance should be the reason for preference. Otherwise, significant losses may occur in the long term.

When choosing hydraulic winches, the users should pay attention to the competence of the factories where the products are produced, to the standard certificates of the hydraulic winches, and the independent tests of the pulling capacities mentioned in the product catalogs.

In the modern factory of Hammer Winch, which has been the industry’s leading manufacturer since 1982, quality control experts control every stage of production. All products are subjected to capacity tests, and a quality guarantee is given for each product. You can rely on the products of Hammer Winch, which exports all over the globe, especially Europe, and which is shown as one of the best winch manufacturers in the world by many independent organizations. You can use Hammer Winch hydraulic winches for years without any problems.

When choosing a hydraulic winch, go for the products that are certified and manufactured per standards. Otherwise, remember that you endanger your life and property safety.

There are many domestic and foreign hydraulic winch manufacturers. You can choose domestic products due to the availability of spare parts, accessible service network and price advantage. Preferring brands such as Hammer Winch, which produce at world standards in our country and export to all over the world, will give you many benefits in the long term.

You can ask your questions about hydraulic winches here. Our hydraulic winch specialist team will answer your questions on short notice.