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It is now easy to lift tons of loads with technology in hydraulics now are advanced. In sectors like construction, automotive and logistics, where heavy load is a frequent point in question, hydraulic winches make the problem that would take days and weeks go away in minutes. Electric Winches, Hydraulic winches… Should I buy electric winch or hydraulic winch? What are the advantages of electric and hydraulic winch? We try to find answer in this article.

Where to use a Hydraulic Winch and what for?

ydraulic winches are a must in hydraulic systems. Rescue vehicles towing automobiles weighing tons can be towed with a simple finger move, concrete blocks can be lifted meters-high… For all these works, the power is generated by the hydraulic winches.

The hydraulic winches are the unsung heroes that give power to the vehicle in towing, lifting, rescue missions. The hydraulic winch, or also known as hydraulic hoisting drums, are the hearts of giant rescue and lifting vehicles. Even catch our interest when looking afar, taking pictures when we are near, those giant tools are just a pile of iron without the hydraulic winches.

The hydraulic winches are also known as “hydraulic hoisting drums” or “drum heads” in Turkish. Hydraulic winch technology is coming up with more powerful, more efficient products day by day. Now, electric winches are also making themselves known. With its towing capacity and durability, the professionals prefer hydraulic winches.

The hydraulic winches can be used in specially designed vehicles that were produced for towing, lifting and rescue. Also known as tugger winches, hydraulic winches are widely used in tow trucks and rescue vehicles. PTOs are available in all professional vehicles, such as trucks, mini trucks, pick-ups, jeeps, 18-wheelers. PTOs, also known as the baby gearbox, can share an engine’s power with another system. With PTO, you can share the engine’s power with other tools. Therefore, you can also provide power to your hydraulic winch.

To use hydraulic winches, a PTO system in your vehicle is a must. The PTO systems can be installed later to your vehicle with a hydraulic pump, or it can be in the professional vehicles from the built.

If you don’t have a PTO system in your vehicle, there are two options for you.

To have hydraulic winch-for-life by adding a PTO system to your vehicle with the help of a hydraulic pump,

Or prefer an electric winch and settle for less towing power and more maintenance cost.

If there is no PTO system, you can choose an electric winch. However, professionals do not prefer electric winches, also known as electric hoisting drums. High costs, maintenance costs and low towing capacity considered, you probably would like to go with hydraulic winches.

Hydraulic winches, for them being durable, having low-cost maintenance and has a higher capacity for towing, are preferred by professionals in this sector.

There are lots of domestic and foreign hydraulic winch producing firms. The easy access to auxiliary equipment, technical department and price range, you can find domestic products. In our country, it is profitable in the long run to prefer a worldwide brand like Hammer Winch that exports all around the world.


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